“Beyond Our Now” E-book Release!

Purchase “Beyond Our Now”!

threshnuocKjAlleyneCoverYou may now get your copy of the e-book of “The Threshnuoc Prologs: Beyond Our Now” exclusively via Amazon Kindle. You can go to Amazon.com and search for “Beyond Our Now” or simply click the link above.

Here’s the description if you haven’t already been familiar…

The Threshnuoc Prologs “Beyond Our Now” is a sci-fi fantasy adventure featuring two distinct alien entities who conflict with mastery of technology and contrasting magic-like powers. The setting is of the dual massed planet called the “Etu” which proves a unique discovery to the “Experian” race of undisclosed origin. The story begins with the Experian who make discovery of the strange “Etu” world and find the first intelligent species encountered since their experience with the Earthlings. The Earth is not primarily featured in the story as it has mysteriously vanished from the universe along with the entire Sun galaxy. “Beyond Our Now” presents a strange and dynamic world that gives familiar nods to popular science fiction, yet is likely unlike anything you’ve read.



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Multimedia professional, military veteran and hobbyist athlete.