On Me & The Threshnuoc:BON

Serving time out to sea in the Navy and coming back to “normal” life is a strange experience. It has a way of making you feel like you’ve been out in space for a long time. Especially going through as a junior enlisted. Then people think you know about everything you’ve missed while you were having fun away from society. Not to mention what a sailor does when one gets a chance to take a break!

After going through some hell and publishing “The Threshnuoc: Beyond Our Now”, some people may wonder if i’m retired. No, silly… i’m not… there just seems to be a lot of new people and college sweethearts, too much internet junkies and deprecated software! Anyway, I know you’ll enjoy reading my book. Check the link below…



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About K. Jerry Alleyne

Multimedia professional, military veteran and hobbyist athlete.