New York City by night

20180316_221538I made a day long trip around the city recently as I won’t be in town as often as last few months. I got really tired by the end of the day and ended up watching a seemingly boring B-movie for 20 bucks at a theater somewhere on the upper east side. Anyway… there’ll be more posts after this but go ahead check out these images I snapped on the way around NYC after the sunset… they’re simply amazing!

No other place has quite the same charm with all of the modern sky-scrappers so very adjacent to each other along long avenues. Not exactly necessary to hit the bars and try for ‘one-nighters’ every time, but, it being so cold this night it wouldn’t have been a bad thing to grab some vodka or something to spice up the nerves… I got the best of it as I could as I took off in the night.

See the rectangular device standing on the street above..? These new “NYC Link” stations are interesting new installations that are now quite frequent around the place. I’ve not seen anything like this in any other city I’ve known – a modern kiosk with Google maps and city services hooked in. You can also charge a USB device at these stations if you’re not in a rush or care for privacy.


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Multimedia professional, military veteran and hobbyist athlete.