Parts of a Peace Puzzle

We may not have found the answer to world peace, but it’s possibly close. Someone always wants to rule the world. A result of childhood ideas sprinkled with humorous cartoons like Pinky & the Brain or imitating the best of popular culture, perhaps. There’s scarcity in a lot of places which can create tension and causes violence.

‘World Peace…?! Zzz…’
A lot of this virtual ‘peace puzzle’ I think is really being solved by increasingly innovative visual technology. While it is true that looks can be deceiving, it is also a most important tool of effective and intelligent community. Of course, we want to add all of our senses to the equation… sound to hear a call, touch to swipe photos on our cell phone and we want to smell food or fragrance. However, technology advancements have really been focused on what we can see, and, as a result we’re able to share experiences so easily now more than ever. This explains why YouTube and Facebook are so widely and frequently used by the common person on the internet. Perhaps only “xxx” is more popular. So, beyond food and other necessities, few things sell better than what we love to entertain visually.

prt-pc-pzzl-artcl-002You won’t be able to read the code in the image to the left, but, even if it wasn’t blurred it’s likely to be very irritating to go through it. You would have to be someone who enjoys reading or coding software regularly. When computers were limited to this style of display, the common person would likely watch TV and VHS every day instead of Facebook or YouTube or anything on the PC or internet.

What you see here is depicting what was the only visuals on screen before graphics really advanced to become enjoyable to the common person. Today you’ll only see this kind of screen if you’re a software engineer programming something new.

‘Hardware, Software & Video-games’
I was going to give a lot of credit to GPU technology in this article. This particular type of hardware is definitely a major factor, but, it’s really dependent on other things as a whole. Like the CPUs, smartphones, and cable internet… GPUs have been upgrading over the years as well.

With the internet added to the equation of video-games… we now have a massive amounts of people communicating very directly without ever having to meet each other. And they’re not just talking on the phone… they’re responding to each others thumbs and video feeds. I’m not even going to mention the video-game consoles besides the PC. There are so many, and, I haven’t even made time to play any of the new systems besides a couple of favorites on my smartphone recently.

There may be something wrong about spending too many hours on simply playing video-games, unless it’s actually business for you. However, the important thing is that this is the best way for people to simulate something that they actually could not achieve otherwise. For example, you may want to experience a flight in a plane, but, you’re probably not going to want to relive World War II. You’ll rather enjoy the simulation of Battlefield 1942, Call Of Duty or Counter-Strike. Only with video-games are these things everyone can enjoy interacting with and even let the average kid do with ease. That is besides watching a movie re-enactment, of course.

‘Hardware & Software for Real structures’

While I will not go into too much further detail… Vehicles and architecture technology have also enjoyed increased precision and design functionality along with GPU and software improvements. Since moving parts and complex structures can be simulated like video-games in software; manufacturers are able to foresee structures and complex products before they spend a lot of time with trial and error for new systems and designs.


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