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It’s good to get some footage in a new area to get over the monotony. I got some new basic items at a bargain and it still looks amazing in the broad daylight. It’s mostly the shirt besides the light.  

A basic casual mix which really pops because of the fit of the shirt… the jeans and even my sunglasses here are actually more expensive but i’d say they don’t demand as much attention.

Once upon a time I did a bunch of video edits, they say that daylight reads as blue light on the video spectrum. I always put motion as more impressive and stills are great for concepts. I wore a lot of blue this day. It seemed a bit extra but it turned out loosely fashionable.

They might call these things suicide walls, but, i’m not sure everyone calls them as that or if that’s the official name of the grade school wall game. A plain background is great for this sort of thing. It was a hot spring day this day, so hot it almost felt like summer.