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In the Northeast it’s just about the best time of the year for the weather change. Four seasons is not common everywhere. Spring has come in with a dose of some nice weather for a change. I don’t shop every month or week like some folks may do, but check out my fresh spring time […]

Here are some spectacular photos from the International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. There were plenty of vehicles here as i’ll share with you below. Normally, the super cars are all the craze for car fanatics, and, they were there, of course. However, the most interesting car for me […]

We may not have found the answer to world peace, but it’s possibly close. Someone always wants to rule the world. A result of childhood ideas sprinkled with humorous cartoons like Pinky & the Brain or imitating the best of popular culture, perhaps. There’s scarcity in a lot of places which can create tension and […]

Happy Easter weekend! More busy than fun, but things got a little more interesting for a minute… A spontaneous photo shoot is rare but I figured I was dressed well enough for what turned out to be some excellent natural light body captures. The angles are limited but you don’t get a photographer to come […]

This winter season around has been full of character, and, a lot of icy ones at that! I got some of it on camera along the way with yesterday’s flurries. If you don’t see snow often, this is especially beautiful…. I’d say some of it was both the warm up and cool down part of […]

I took to swing through Central Park and it was definitely a most interesting one! I rode my big wheel so I wouldn’t waste too much time along the journey. Still, the park takes up a pretty big area across the map. This was perhaps the second time I’ve made time to enjoy the place, […]